My Sanctimommy Walk of Shame…

sanctimommy. A mother who is sanctimonious about her parenting choices. Looks down at and/or judges parents who don’t make the same choicesSanctimommy files

The day I took my Sanctimommy walk of shame. We all know them, hell I used to be one. Rolling my eyes at the mothers who had “nights out”, my yoga pants, breastfeeding is best, diapers, organic or nothing, baby wearing or nothing… Immunizations NO WAY! it causes autism. That was before.. before my fourth and last child contracted the Rotavirus. He was 2 years old and my nanny (Nanny: a working sanctimommy must have) called me at work. “Logan is throwing up… alot. ” I of course as a nurse and a sanctimommy advised the nanny to introduce a clear fluid diet for 4 hours, then move to a brat diet, with plenty of fluids and no running about. The hours ticked by and she called again, this time this sanctimommy was very scared. I got some one to cover the rest of my nursing shift. I rushed home to find a dehydrated baby, of course I was yelling at the nanny she must have done something wrong, I gave her clear instructions on what to do.

I rushed him to the ER, even I as a nurse knew I couldn’t re hydrate him at home with both vomiting and diarrhea. When I arrived we went over all the symptoms and how long and so on. In the mean time they introduced IV fluids. The testing began, Logan had rotavirus. They explained that there was a simple vaccine that had been available and I with my choice had not vaccinated him. In the course of his treatment the hospital and doctor made an error that would almost cost my son his life. The wrong fluids had been running for so long that now his sodium level was sky rocketing and his intracranial pressure was rising. This can cause a brain bleed or other brain injury that could result in death, physical and mental delays or damage. He was in ICU for around 2 weeks.

I felt  blame, guilt, and sorrow. All over my choice to be a sanctimommy. He made a full recovery health wise but he has developmental delays and regression as a post residual effect of the intracranial pressure. This I can never un do. I will forever remember that my choices right or wrong will effect my children. I always thought my views were right. Breastfeeding is best, organic is best, putting vaccines in my kids no way! its not natural. But this ex Sanctimommy always vaccinates her children now.  

No judgement on those who don’t vaccinate.. that would make me another kind of mother.. So no judgement here.. Just remember the choice you make and the cause and effect it could have on our children.




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