healthy choiceskardicinLiving in a over exposed world ruled by social media  and celebrities it is hard to escape the “Civilized World’s Projected Perfect Body ” . So how can we keep our daughters and sons safe from side effects of trying to fit into that Image of the perfect body? Can we teach them that  it is better to be an object of admiration than that of an object of sexual fantasy? I constantly am aware of how much my daughter is eating, I watch her daily on how much she is eating. I notice any change. No I am not a stalker it’s just something I have learned to do since she was bullied and was dropping weight at a high pace at one time. So now I am constantly on guard.

I also cook healthy in our home, I recommend and keep healthy choices on hand. I also encourage a proper amount of exercise and participate but do it in a way that doesn’t seem like we are exercising. I do also encourage my daughter to dress modestly. No I am not saying dress like a nun but yes, I want her to be covered to the point she doesn’t resemble a baby prostitute.

I am in no way implying that we as women need to cover our bodies to protect ourselves from predatory behaviors projected on to us from the opposite sex, no I am simply implying for us to remind our daughters/sons that we shouldn’t use our bodies as a means to entice,gain,manipulate, or abuse anything or anyone. But the clothing industry makes this a very complicated issue as well as social media, and celebrities. I know when my daughter and I are out shopping it is virtually impossible to by clothing that isn’t exposing some or most of her body.

I want people as well as my daughter when they look at her to notice her gorgeous eyes, her perfectly symmetrical face, her intelligent words, her witty sense of humor. I don’t want them thinking or her thinking “damn look at my breasts, collar bones, the gap between my thighs, my flat stomach ITS ON POINT!” No I want her thinking and others thinking of her as a whole.

So yes in my house I am the fashion police, I don’t let her over expose herself, I am constantly saying Dee please go change and dress modestly please. I want her body image and the image that people have of her to be one of self confidence that comes from somewhere no one else can see just her. If she is being looked at from a stand point of her body alone this can lead to self harm, drugs, eating disorders, sexual promiscuity and other unpleasantries.

Final thoughts from simply mommy:

So we as the parent are stuck with the impossible task of cultivating a healthy life style with  a range of choices, that promote  healthy body images,  as well as policing wardrobe, healthy eating, and a proper amount of physical activity. We have to induce a sense of well being and confidence in our children to protect them from becoming victims of an over exposed nation.



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