Morally Bankrupt…

morally bankrupt

In this morally decrepit society, I took a moment to look around, and ask myself: “What did I contribute to this moral decay? And am I morally bankrupt? If I took a moral inventory of myself I would say that I have contributed very largely. I know that I have participated in my share immorality but I am not going to elaborate on that, as it could make the devil stand to attention. But I will discuss how I feel our personal morality and society morality go together in how we come to the conclusion of what is or isn’t immoral. So now we have added two factors that influence moral behavior. Now lets discuss another influence, well two more but one theory, nature and nurture.Yes the age old question.. argument, theory, debate whatever you wish to call it. How much does our nature and our nurturing play a part in our moral behavior or the lack of if this is the case?

In society there are certain accepted behaviors and unacceptable, this comes into play a part of how our own personal morality is formed. Some of society’s accepted moral behaviors are some what one popular segment finds acceptable, another is that moral belief that is based on the yuck factor.. yes we all know the thought of this or that bad thing that makes us go yuck or maybe pull the cover over our head a little tighter at night knowing that someone would actually do those things and they are out running free in the streets. Maybe its unfounded or a thing that is never talked about because it’s taboo.

Now back to the age old debate nature vs nurture:

The nurture theory holds that genetic influence over abstract traits might exist; however, the environmental factors are the true origins of our behavior. The belief that we can condition any child to include any behavior into their personality trait. That is one side of the debate. The other side of the debate however is more complex, this side argues that our DNA is already predisposed to what and how we desire to behave, they believe it is genetic coded into DNA justified by “behavior genes, well that is once researchers have proven its existence.

So with all this in to play.. am I morally bankrupt, this opens and leads into a new debate, is there life after death? am I accountable for my actions after I die? Is Karma real? Because again this will likely influence the way I behave, If a person believes or knows there is a consequence to a behavior or choice his choice would likely be altered. So again if I believe in a deity or God head, or karma, then its quiet possible that my behavior will be influenced by the teachings of that deity or God head. So do I personally feel morally bankrupt? I guess even without all these different factors involved, it mainly depends on the day you ask me and all that has happened in that particular day. Sorry if that wasn’t what you was expecting, but after all I don’t have all the answers and to answer a question as big as this we will need someone more qualified than me, after all my life is not over yet there are many choices and decisions to make so who knows the outcome of ones spirituality until he is faced with his mortality… 

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