The day I lost my religion

When raising our children we as adults usually have a religion or certain spiritual beliefs that we expect our children to follow. This works of course only until the children get to an age where they are rebelling against these beliefs.

The fact that social media, cultural changes, economic changes, our children are exposed to people of walks of life. So with these added influence the likely hood that your children might reject your beliefs is almost certain if not expected. So how will you handle this? I chose to practice my religion and my children went with me until they starting rejecting it. That started happening around age 8 or 9.

Two of my children were baptised in my faith but later rejected it vowing that there is no God and the bible is made up. I can say it hurt me. I was a practicing Mormon at the time and this was especially hard, mormon faith is very constant and present in our daily lives. I continued to practice even with my children going less and less. The people in the church became disgruntled with me because I refused to force my children to go to church, I explained that if forced it was a type of abuse. I continued to practice even with my children against it now the church frowning down on me.

It wasn’t until my oldest daughter came out of the closet and told me she was a lesbian that my spirituality would change forever, I would go from religious to not practicing any religion. I went a couple of times after she told but the fact that the church would reject her , believed that also God would reject if not damn her, then they also rejected me from the church. I began feeling as though my own religion had betrayed me and shunned me. That is when I learned to live with out religion for the first time in my life at age 35. This was the hardest, most lonely time in my life, I had to learn to hold on to my spirituality without the company or support of my church family. But I did.. I have had no religion for years now but practice spirituality it has opened up my life my belief in God has never wavered , but I never realized what or how much of my life religion took from me, but spirituality opens your life and free’s you..