The middle is sometimes a lonely place….

Being the middle child is a lonely place to reside. I know this because my son Daniel let me in on that secret. It isn’t that he outwardly told me it was through observation and behavior. There are big age gaps between my children. The oldest two are girls almost 19 and 17 the younger two are boys 12 and 8. So My son who is 12 is pretty much considered the middle child although when you have four it is hard to exactly point the middle.

But I can tell he is the middle child because of the things that happen to him. I am guilty yes I am. The youngest and eldest usually seem to some how gravitate the pull to them. They seem to be the more needy. Now that the oldest has left home the 17 yr old has taken the older role.

The middle child I am sorry to point out and ashamed to admit that they are over looked in so many aspects. Especially if they are a good child. My son he is  everything that is good. He is neat, makes good grades, courtesy, kind, well- mannered, handsome, funny just an overall wonderful person. The problem with that is no one ever has the right amount of time or energy for praise or reward when there are the oldest and youngest running around collecting all the attention and energy  with their debaucheries.

He was at one time struggling in school and at home. He was a lonely child, I hate admitting that he was sometimes overlooked for time, praise, attention. So one night about a year ago, it exploded in our home. The two oldest had pretty much had run of the home and they were in constant need of money, time, and attention along with my youngest who has severe ADHD. My youngest two sons were in a crisis with these older two because of the constant stress and strain it was having on the whole family. So we took control. It wasn’t easy getting two out of control teenagers back in line. But it happen.

Now my son has bloomed into a straight A student, he is wildly happy and very satisfied. He no longer disappears because now there is no chaos, and I along with my husband never fail to praise or give him his due attention. I always joke with him and tell him he is the peanut butter in my PB and J sandwich he loves that saying.. and he is, the warm sweetness that  helps this family stick together.. I will never forget the loneliness I once saw in his eyes, I will never be the cause of that again.