Brexting… oo la la leche


I am expecting some heated comments on this subject.

The media is flooded with new terms everyday. “brexting: the act of texting while breastfeeding”  With the many things that shame mothers who are breastfeeding I don’t agree with the vast majority of them.  I breastfed all of my children it was a valuable, wonderful, intimate, and wholesome thing I could have done for my children. I know the new world of motherhood is very different than when I had my children. Things that were not acceptable now are. Now while reading this article keep in mind this is my opinion… every one has one. I do not agree with “brexting” I have witnessed it and I am here to tell you I am not sure how you are keeping that leche flowing without the concentration it takes. Also I am incline to believe it steals the intimacy away, and the bonding experience. No all I have to offer on this subject is that I did breastfeed 4 children and I am a nurse. I could never imagine teaching a mother how to breast feed  with her texting on a big ole smart phone. Some say. It is boring.. Boring? I could hardly imagine that trying to keep the baby latched, milk flowing, baby comfy, me comfy, along with a world of other things that come with breastfeeding. I did witness my cousin practicing “brexting” and it was dumb founding and I found it to be awkward and took away from that beautiful self sacrificing act of a mother nourishing her baby. But like I said it is only my opinion that mothers need to put down the cell phone and interact with her child, these moments are stolen fast enough with the child growing up, you will never have this moment back with this one child..