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human trafficking

Today I watched a powerful movie, Freedom. This led into a conversation with my children on the history of black slavery. Black slavery it the one that comes to mind when we talk about slavery. Both of my son’s ancestor on their father’s side were victims of slavery. Slavery forced upon them from the white man of America, and the other from the Spaniards on the mayan indians. I found this to be a difficult topic to explain to my own children being as though I can hardly understand it from my adult mind. How one’s conscience could allow such treatment of another human being by either a bystander or enforcer of such a hateful horrible inhumane deed such as slavery. It also brings to mind wonderful people who sacrifice and was in danger frequently to assist in the freedom of slaves. Thomas Garrett, Harriet Tubman, and so many more.  Not to mention the courageous slaves that found and tasted freedom, and fought and died for the freedom of all their brothers and sisters.The fact that  27 million people still live in slavery today, actually it is the largest number ever recorded in the world. I live in Louisville ky and to think that right down the street, only around 5 miles is the center of a human trafficking ring right here in my our back yard. A hotel that the city just doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about.. Young girls of all races and ethnicity are showing up on neighbor’s doors, knocking and begging for help, often starved, forced drug use, filthy, beaten and scared. Some unable to speak english. It’s the things like these and other things that go bump in the night, things that are unspeakable, things that people don’t want to talk about, it makes them uncomfortable, it makes them question their comfortable wonderful little lives, it allows their mind to wander, allow’s fear to creep into their mind that there are monsters living in our town, in our suburb, in our state, in our churches, in our work places. People that contribute to the very insidious acts such as slavery, drugs, and everything that is the epitome of evil. How can we change the world if we close our eyes? How can we be the Garrett’s, and Tubman’s that free the shackles if we can’t even open our eyes to the world around us. You can start by reporting suspicious activity, if you notice something that doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. It takes an anonymous call. Help free our brothers and sisters. It is our duty…we are the hope…

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