I have found freedom in less… Minimalism…

living simpleThis is a very passionate subject for me.. I have found a new freedom in Minimalism. I just would love to share this new found freedom and peace with the masses. I would love to challenge/invite every over stressed, over worked, over burdened, depression afflicted, bad health afflicted to at least give this a chance. There is such a profound feeling and freedom that comes with letting all that clutter go. I mean we have stock piled everything as humans. For goodness sakes we look like squirrels on acid running around collecting nuts, yes like that crazy squirrel from ice age who jumps off a cliff in order to get that one nut… then he loses the massive pile… We need to lose it. It is so spiritual to find that when you are letting go of object why you even kept them. Some things you are holding on to from the past you need to let go of it. You may think it is bringing back good memories but light shed on it, reality is you are anchoring yourself in the past with holding on to those things. It is such freedom to let the past go, emotional but so wonderful. You will be shocked to find that you feel lighter, cleaner, less stressed. To wake up everyday knowing that Matt and I will not have to work 70 hours a week to pay for a bunch of junk we never have the energy to use, or a house we never have the time to sit in. Well it just makes me happy and him too. It is going to take us a year or more to get to the point where one of us is not pulling tons of overtime. But after this year is ended we will be completely debt free, house paid for , cars paid for and all because we decided we wanted a change. One night one of Desirae’s friends commented to me, and this was before we made the true committment to become minimalist that we lived simple and it made her feel good, she said it is just clean and simple.. I tought about that over the next couple of months and was very impressed that it made a teenager feel comfort in knowing we lived simple and we were very happy, she spent more time in our home than her own home in fact. Yes I guess I have always lived simple, clutter makes me unhappy, to many things overwhelm me, I like knowing that I don’t have to hang on to everything in my life to ground me, make me whole, complete me, fill a void.. I am filled with time, love and now a new found energy and freedom that comes with simplifying my life.

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