Beginning your new life as a minimalist.. But where do you begin?

tea living as a minimalist is just not something you just wake up one morning and decide to do. It has been on your mind for a while, maybe you have always had that simplistic view of the world, maybe you didn’t like nic nacks everywhere, or mountains of clothing, or junk in drawer. Or maybe the weight of the stress and bills spilling in everyday and you decided you just didn’t want to keep up with the jones’ anymore. What ever the reason you are here, you are wanting to live a more simplistic life. That doesn’t mean you have to jump up, widdle all your belongings down to less than 50 items, buy a tiny 250 sq feet home and drive around finding a place to park it. No and you don’t have to be a gypsy or a hippie to want this either. There are thousands of people finding that working 70 hours a week is just not living anymore to pay for a bunch of STUFF. You can definitely find your comfort zone. If your comfort zone is 1500 sq feet so be it, living as a minimalist doesn’t mean you have to give up living it just means you are letting go of all that you don’t need anymore or maybe ever needed. Start small. Remember stuff is an addiction.. 

Step 1: The kitchen. Are you there? Okay, look around you, see all those appliances? Juicers? blenders? all those other kitchen gadgets you have never used? Why do you still have them? Right? Okay time to donate or sell. Keeping only items you use at least once a month.. okay big done. Now go into the cabinets.. oh my… yes look!!! What the crap? Why do I need all these bowls? Just so I can have 5 sinks of dirty dishes instead of 1. Okay donate? Trash? your choice. Now look under… yep there.. Pots and pans… REally do you actually cook with all those? if not donate? trash? Oh.. look you have space….Nice… Yes it did took all day. Imagine … think.. yes you feel lighter already don’t you?

Step 2: The living area… Okay.. nic nack heaven? haven for all the floral vomit in the world? See what you have used in the last month, keep that the rest … that’s right.. donate? sell? trash? ok this might only take half a day… but see you feel even lighter now don’t you.?

Step 3: Lets move to the bathroom…. Oh my.. look at all those half containers, almost empty ones… towels how many fricken towels does one actually need? Ok this could take about a couple of hours.. but see… look you feel good don’t you?

Step 4: This step is only for the strong heart.. the faint of heart should not tackle this.. the laundry room… oh my… what is all this.. you are even trying to out do the neighbor on lint as well.. and dust bunnies… ok get rid of all that stuff… do it.. come on you will feel so much better… 

This is a huge process. So next we will be covering bedrooms/guest rooms/great rooms/dining rooms/. My next post we will move on to other rooms and We will itemize a statement for tax purposes with all the donating you have done.