Beginning your new life as a minimalist.. But where do you begin? Part 2

tree Ok Like I said in a previous post  you don’t just wake up one day and decide or even try to become a minimalist. It is a process, it is emotional, empowering, peaceful, life changing process. But if you are reading this your are either in the process or are flirting with the idea of becoming a minimalist and simplifying your life, freeing yourself… In the first part of this article we went through a couple of rooms, now lets minimize that dining area or great room. 

Dining room: The catch all room, for most normal people and I say that lightly because what is normal may not be for every one the same. This is the room that was traditionally made for dining and possibly you have decorated it with that in mind and furnished it for that purpose, but over the years it has collected many items that well frankly do not or ever have belonged in a dining area. First look around.. do you see items that never belonged there..? For me I had collected art supplies, I had a sewing machine, patterns, crafting, board games, the pet bowls, you name it was there… So lets start there first by removing anything that is not dining room related. Thats right Donate, trash, or sell. You know this routine. Ok also if you are hoarding 5 sets of china, sorry but that is way too much. Do you know someone who doesn’t have a set? If you do this is a great opportunity to give a great gift to someone. Re gift it and it does mean something the fact you held on to it means you admired something about it. What a great thing to share. Now Do you really need a 6 seating arrangement of dining gear? Do you have regular meals in there? With regular I mean at least weekly? If not maybe it is time to rethink the furnishings. Now look around how many trinkets, wall hangings are there? Can you part with any of those? Now if you have went through all these things you should see a new open area, it feels good doesn’t it.

Guest room:

Well in its previous life it was supposed to be a guest room anyway. IF you are like me or most people it has become the home for every homeless object in your home aside from the garage or basement this room will have the most odd assorted items in your home. That old hoodie you don’t know exactly where it came from….maybe it was a get together and someone left it..maybe your husbands long-lost hoodie you havent seen since you bought it 4 years ago.. all those clothing items you don’t know where they came from… hummmm well this is the guest room maybe past guest items? who are you kidding tell the truth when was the last time a guest stayed there? it has been too piled up for anyone to sleep there… hell the dog won’t even lay down in there he is afraid he will never return,,, this is the odd item, catch-all graveyard of things in your home. Ok so start digging the grave yard up and get rid of it… yes Donate, trash, or sell. That’s right go on… get rid of the clutter and free your soul…

Bedroom: Okay by far this will be the most emotional, hard, tearful, room in the house to do. It holds all your memories, you have kept tokens for years and ions just so you could pull it out and sniff it, touch it, embrace it, look at it, re visit it as often as you like. But when cleaning out this room and getting rid of the clutter keep in mind these are objects the true memory is deep inside you and you can pull it out any time you want and you don’t have to store it in your home, it is tucked away in your heart some where neat in a place and it will surface when you need it.. now for the other things that you hold on too that maybe holding you back now it is time to face those things, why are you holding onto pictures of ex’s, letters from an old flame, that T-shirt your first love gave you? Maybe it is time to remove all those feelings, items, and what if’s that are holding you back in some other part of your life now and your future life, you will be shocked what will happen once you have done this, it is a very soul changing life changing event… So now go pour your self a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine which ever you need to finish . Now that your tea or wine is guessed it Donate, trash, sell. Okay lets give you a few days to get over this and we will get to that garage or shed…. 

Next post/article we will be cleaning out that garage, or out shed.