moving into the GMO free zone movement..?

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GMO- Genetically Modified Organism…. Wow even when I hear that word and the definition I know this can’t be something I would want to consume.. I remember the first time I heard this term. I was working on a travel  nursing assignment at a hospital about 5 hours from my home. Now I come from a very small town where mostly people eat what they grow. So we never thought much about what the produce we buy are made from.. I know but we didn’t.. any way I met a very intelligent male nurse named Jay. He looked at my lunch, I was having a salad from home, yogurt, with granola. Then we began a conversation that would end my meal. He was telling me of GMO’s. It was scary to me, our food grown in labs, derived by almost anything.. including human dna.. in a tomato????? okay that might be a stretch but come on.. if they could they would!  My head was spinning… I knew from that moment on I had always been doing the right thing by eating organic.

But as the years have progressed my organic living has doubled in price, its like no one wants you to eat healthy. It is a struggle for me to buy organic with four children.  We make it work but still very difficult.

So now lets dive into to this new story. Monsanto is about to be very pissed yes chipotle is not very big if you look at the overall picture.. but chipotle has stepped out and announced they are going all GMO free!

I have an even more exciting little scoop.. My daughter recently went on a field trip on October 29, 2015 to Papa John head quarters where, Founder John Schnatter gave an inspiring speech to the students of Ferncreek Traditional High School and revealed he as well would be moving PaPa Johns into the GMO free zone as soon as possible. They are going organic! He has been working on a project he has been producing his own produce from his own farms.  He says this has been a long process but something he is very proud of.

With these two leading the way, I believe we are about to see alot of support from other chains and food productions rallied around them. Kraft, Nestle, Coca Cola are already shying away from GMO’s for the fear of losing customers.

The public’s resistance and demand to remove GMO’s is growing, I believe the movement is getting stronger and we are starting to see progress. Here is to hope for a healthier food source and healthier America.