Mommy’s.. Cloth or disposable diapers? Is the trend changing?

cloth diapers disposable diapers I am sure you are aware of my stance on this subject. I do indeed prefer cloth to disposable for a numerous amount of reasons. My job here is to convince you that cloth is better for the environment, your baby, and more cost efficient. There is  a growing movement back to cloth diapering and a ton of support.  So lets dive in and see if my facts will convince you. I feel as though the trend is starting to change, with more crunchy parents than ever on the rise. We have came to realize that we are indeed destroying our earth with our excessive consuming and waste. We also came to realize that simple may be acutally better.

I know what you are thinking it is complicated, smelly, messy, and all the misconceptions and myths associated with cloth diapers. But this is totally not the case. It is important however to get set up with a reputable diaper service who will make the process of getting started with cloth diapering easy. The cost in usually in the area of $80 a month or roughly $20 a week. They handle everything..(except the actual diapering of the baby.. haha). Your baby’s skin will thank you as well as the environment. 

Supporting facts for cloth diapers:

There are so many chemicals in disposable diapers  and  a little fact…that jelly stuff  that absorbs 100 times its weight in urine it is so not natural. Cloth diapers save money. Cloth diapering is actually easy, cloth diapers are fashionable and cute, They actually leak much less than disposables.

There are  brands of diapers that can fit baby from birth to potty training.

They hold their value, so you can  sell them when you are done with them if you gently use them.

In terms of money in this debate:

With cloth diapering you can purchase a  couple dozen high quality organic cloth diapers for around  $500 , and it  if you care for them properly  they could last through a couple of kids. A no brainer right?

Disposable Diapers:

  There is research that concludes that with each  child it roughly costs about $2,000 to diaper that child in the child’s lifetime and that can add up to about 600,000 diapers that you have contributed to  the landfills now if you have more than one child can you imaging how much waste you contributed?? crazy right?

Disposables are plastic and contain chlorine, polyacrylate, and other chemicals.

disposable diapers 1 cloth and disp

Final thoughts from Simply Mommy:

Sorry from this slightly crunchy mom’s point of view there is nothing to support the use of disposable diapers…   even if cloth diapering was a slight inconvenience which it’s not if done correctly it could save your childs skin wicked rashes. Would help save the environment  one small step at a time.

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