Small living brings large insight..


“It is so profound and we nearly missed out on all of it…

  I was gardening one day it was a clear, perfect blue sky- sunny day . I paused for a moment and looked at our house. We had a 6 bedroom home with 4 bathrooms. A garage and a basement… It was full of stuff. I would look around and just looking around made me overwhelmed just at the sight of all those things. I could never feel comfort in my own home. It never felt relaxing, clean, or cozy… just cramped.. mainly because all the stuff we owned. Yes the perfect  suburban dream. So why was I not happy? I really did ask myself that.

The days and weeks ticked by after that day and it kept nagging at me, what was so wrong with my life, that I could be this unhappy about this house, this life we had made, the things we owned, our careers, It never became clear to me until some months later, our lives had become unmanageable and stressful trying to keep up the things we owned and trying to get more things. It then occurred to me that this was insane.

So I paused  my life and studied it and  found myself overwhelmed  in an effort to try to understand this crazy pattern of why we are all constantly trying to get what that one has, they are trying to get what we have.. then everyone has a bunch of useless items to them. I mean we really are buying things that we have no use, no idea how to use and when on earth would we ever use that just becuase the neighbor or co worker has it and was talking about it. No I ask a question to you, why is harder to accept and comprehend the thought of simplicity over that jungle mess of trying to out do each other? Well that is where are thinking has gotten as cluttered as our lives.

“You see, the more opportunity we find to walk quietly into our rooms and notice the blessings around us, the more we discover how much we have to offer.” another true statement. What exactly is Minimalism?     minimalism calls out to us with a smaller, quieter, calmer voice.  “Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art.” —Richard Holloway.

One of my favorite quotes sums up simplicity for me: The more we remove ourselves from the ever-increasing speed of the consumeristic treadmill we find ourselves on, the more we are drawn to others-centered living.

When you start removing the clutter from our lives and we find that we also start to rid ourselves of other habits, feelings, and thinking that just frankly no longer serves a purpose. We start to break chains of uncertainty free ourselves of habits and fears that bind us as well. Maybe you ate too much for comfort because of stress, maybe you had more than a few glasses of wine to take off the edge, maybe you had to take anti anxiety medication, maybe you had to take depression medication. It can make us anxious, depressed and crazy trying to buy things, keep up with the Jones but freeing yourself from all  and that it is possible you will be freeing yourself of much more.

Final thoughts from Simply Mommy:cabinfever3

We become happier, more content, not stressed about how are we going to buy that or store that, keep up with that, and with the knowledge if you buy that unneeded item it will cause you to possibly need to work overtime there by robbing you of family time and peace.

 We might lose weight ( because you don’t stress eat), be healthier ( you move more, it free’s you and you have more time to go out)I know less stressed (not trying to keep up and more time with family and alone time), less fatigue,( because of less work and cleaning haha) and with Simplicity it brings a few more welcome things to your life, mentally you will start to feel  free, whole, at peace, and comfort in your soul.  So live simple and natural, it brings great freedom.