Dear Husband..

I wanna run on the beach with youDear Husband,

In the early part of our relationship we talked all night, we made love, we laughed we made date nights a top priority. We didn’t let anything stand in the way of our time together. We never contemplated that one day our marriage would be that of one that mirrored other marriage’s in just a few years.

When children, career’s, finances, traffic and all the other things that get in our way would stop our nights together. Now we are so tired just from the day that we often just sit and watch netflix in our over worn PJ’s and just enjoy the calm and quiet. I will just rest my head on your shoulder.

I know we let ourselves go now, and sometimes we take the frustrations of the world out on each other. But I want you to know, it will get easier. I want you to know I notice all the sacrifices that you make for our family, I notice all the love you give me and the kids, the over time, the sacrifices of your needs and wants to give us what we need and want, I notice the sleep you lose when I am angry with you.

I notice the good changes that have came from you loving us. I want you to know that I love you, I will always love you. I love the times when we just sit together and can’t say anything because we are exhausted. Because one day it will be only us left the kids will grow up and leave home and it’s just us, I hope we can make it up .. we will.

We will take vacations and sleep an entire night without an interruption, .. but until that day.. I will be happy just resting  with my head on your shoulders that carry so much , in the few moments of time we have stolen away from the hectic days of our lives.  So I love you. Don’t give up it will get better.