30 minutes a day to a healthier Mommy.

Simply Mommys 30 min to a healthier youNo one really wants to work out. I know when I have to drag my butt up and do it, I am dreading it so bad. But I have simplified a work out centered around my busy Simply Mommy life that is easy to stick to. At first there was a lot of procrastination, complaining and sore muscles, but the results are amazing. 

It is 30 minutes a day 5 times a week (More optimal results when combined with a 1200 calorie healthy diet). I have included Burpee’s which I hate and never do! Also included squat jumps if you want to eliminate a run or two through the week. You can get your cardio in, if you do reps of those. I skip this I would rather run… Like I said I hate burpee’s.

I know you can spare 30 minutes, maybe give up that 30 minutes you use for social media before work and do this instead. So lets get started… By the way I lost 25 lbs. Using these exercises and a 1200 calorie (Ovolactoveg. diet) it can be any low fat 1200 cal diet.***** Remember check with your health care provider before starting any new diet*****I measure my food now, chew slower, drink water before I eat, and after, no snacking but I eat 3 times a day. I never skip meals  and I stay around the 1200 mark nothing less because this leads to blood sugar drops and sends the body into a fight or flight because it thinks we are starving…! Stay away from starchy, sugary, fried, foods. Fill your diet with robust , colorful vegi’s, if you drink milk and eat eggs make sure they are hormone free and antibiotic free. I like almond milk and vegetarian fed eggs. If you are meat eater chose meats that are grass-fed, antibiotic free, hormone free.

Lets begin.. Warm up Mommy. grab that yoga matt or exercise matt and lets get started.

5 Minute warm up:**** (If you don’t know how to do these scroll down there will be pictures to help guide you.)******

30 Seconds of push ups (can be modified push ups as well)

1 minute of burpee’s/squat jumps (I hate burpee’s!) So I do squat jumps

1 minute of downward dog and planks

1 minute of burpee’s/squat jumps (I hate burpee’s!) So I do squat jumps! yes this again….

30 Seconds of push up’s either kind

1 minute of lunges

Now we are ready! 25 minutes and we are done!

Rest when needed.**** And remember check with your health care provider before starting any new exercise program.****

  1. Planks rotating right hand/ left hand 2-5 minutes


2) 1 to 4 minutes of squat jumps or Burpee’s I hate em”’ Rest if you need to.

burpees   sqat jumpsthat is a squat jump.

3) 2-4 minutes of rotating lunges

:lunges that is a lunge. Just switch it. to rotate.

4) 3-5 Minutes Pilates 100

Pilates 100Pilates 100

5) 5 minutes of squats


6) Push ups  and superman for 3-5 minutes

Push ups SupermanSuperman!

Now lets cool down for 5…

1 minute Cat/Cow

Cat cow

2 minutes Bridges


1 minute down ward facing dog

downward facing dog

End with 1 minute of rotating warrior ll

Warrior ll

Final Thoughts from Simply Mommy:

Once you have this down.. its a breeze. 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, 1200 calories, and much healthier, fit, and happy. It is a small sacrifice to a happier you. This will increase energy, lighten your mood, relieve stress, while losing weight and finding something that is just for you.. Again as with any thing before starting any new exercise regimen and or new diet consult your health care provider prior.