He drives me mad somedays

hand holding┬áMy husband drives me mad somedays. I mean someday’s it’s the good kind of mad and the other days it’s just the kind of eye rolling, you wish he would fall off the earth kind of mad. The top 10 bad:

  1. Can you please shut up for a minute honey and let me talk? I mean I thought this was the woman’s job to gripe!
  2. Fart’s are not frickin funny!
  3. Your towel on the floor again.
  4. I tripped over your work boots again!
  5. Honey I am thirsty, (really I was just in the kitchen you wasn’t thirsty 5 seconds ago)
  6. Slow down, you get to excited and jump to conclusions and the world is over and it didn’t take anything.. Drama king much?
  7. I am going to do it honey I promise… That “honey do list” just keeps growing I don’t think you have crossed one single thing off in 4 years.
  8. You keep taking sky scraper job’s… It drives me crazy and you know it when you pick jobs that you are suspended in air for 14 hours a day hanging from a bungee cord thingy walking and welding up on the steel and I am so scared that .. well you know.
  9. Stopping at every single gas station… we don’t even need gas, it is a trap honey all those un needed items .. novelties.. you are like a fish.. you see pretty, dangly, shiney things you bite knowing it will not be wise. Yep spent your money.. on as seen on tv crap..told you so. and nope you can’t have any of my spending money.
  10. Last but not least, you are lost, stop and plug in that address to the GPS!

Now honey, you not all the things you do drive me mad in a bad way…..

  • I love it when you make my coffee… and I get to sleep for 5 ┬ámore minutes.
  • I love the flowers you buy me often, even if I wasn’t always a flower kind of woman I always thought men only bought flowers when they screwed up, but you really do just buy me flowers just because.
  • I love that you tell me everyday how lucky you are. (yes and how lucky I am too lol)
  • I love that you Say I love you at least 5 times a day.
  • I love that you call me baby and angel.
  • I love that you tell me how beautiful I am even when I have morning breath, in baggy worn out pj’s and my hair looks like I been in a cyclone.
  • I love that you let me sleep in sometimes, watch the kids and cook breakfast.
  • I love when you try to cook.. even if I have to hide it under the table cloth.. lol
  • I love how you go out of your way spend time with the kids even when you are so tired.
  • Last but not least, I love the way you would sacrifice anything, for this family and me. I love you baby…

You drive me mad and I love it. I love that we both go to extremes to make the other happy and our family happier.