I need this in my life.. as you should

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In any marriage as the three to four year mark approaches so do things like.. honey moon phase is over. With this brings a whole new territory of unpleasantries. The hot to die for sex.. well it kind of dies a slow death between child rearing, building a home and life, careers, traffic, debt, and other family obligations. We forget the time we used to make for each other, the contempt about an argument, money, or other problem has us in a corner of our own and we are declaring war on each other and the first line of arsenal in your war is with holding intimacy.

Now I know some of you are shaking your head and rolling those eyes… thinking well maybe you had these problems or having these problems but not us.. Ok be honest .. ladies we will start with you.. When you first got with your husband you would never let him near you with morning breath.. you would slip to the bathroom smooth your hair, brush your teeth, yes sneak a little mascara and lip gloss spritz on a little smell good… so he thinks you wake up looking like a sex goddess. PJ’s hell no! you would never dream of it.. his t shirts, sexy night wear.. yes ..  Never be caught in your pj’s all day, hair a mess, farting in front of him, belching… possibly taking a tinkle in front of him…

And you Mr… yes you.. what’s up with never shaving anymore, you farting, scratching, positioning your balls, taking 12 hour naps, bear breath, and did you forget to tell her she is beautiful or reach for her out of passion at night? Ok the both of you listen up…  remember when you used to sit up all night talking? Making love? Playing like children? Making plans? Dancing under the stars? Date nights? Remember when you cared about everything? Me too. I remember the way we loved each other, why do years need to change that? Don’t I still find you sexy? Yes.. I do when I look at you, I think how lucky am I? How did I get this handsome man to look my way. You are still my fantasy, I still think of you taking me everywhere, anywhere, anytime…. I want you to talk to me all night. We used to lose sleep to spend that time together, not anymore. Is this the 30 to life I am looking at? This diluted version of us?

Final thoughts from Simply Mommy:

This is my worry.. that between all of  our responsibilities to others that we forget our responsibilities to each other.. so come on over here baby make me remember why I said “Forever” and meant it…… So ladies and guys lets keep our love strong and hot… lets make it last forever.. just like we promised each other in the begining.