Intimacy and other things…

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This is always really uncomfortable to talk about but lets face it when we are married with children, plus the fact we are getting older decreases our sex drives in many ways. The many culprits cannot be avoided. But we got this one in the bag here are a few ways you can at least get in the mood enough times a month that won’t leave o your husband/partner running the other direction from your crazy butt.

  1. Please ladies… including myself. Shave your legs.. Yes I said shave your legs. I know its so hard to find the time, but just pickup that razor and do it. Every night you are never going to get laid with hairy legs, and you won’t feel much like getting laid looking like that.
  2. Get as much rest as possible, its hard to feel sexy when you are running on 5 minutes of sleep. If you have kids and you need help with this ask hubby, I am sure he won’t mind giving up the 6 oclock news to get his freak on later that night. trust me..
  3. Give up the yoga pants a couple of days a week.. I know I love mine too but trust me your husband and you will love it if you can just pry those off once in a while now … slide into something sexy but comfortable.
  4. A scent.. no not talking about baby spit up, dirty laundry smell from mountains of laundry.. shower girl spritz on his or your favorite scent.
  5. Here it goes the dirty word.. EXERCISE yes that is right just a minimum of 30 minutes a day will do wonders for your mood and your body appearance.
  6. Lip gloss.. yes make those lips kissable…
  7. Make those eyelashes pop.. he will love seeing that come hither look in those eyes…
  8. If you want.. a glass of wine helps relax.. not the whole damn bottle.. a glass will do.
  9. Touch your man.. often through the day brush his hand. squeeze his arms, kiss his lips.. you will start feeling it. I swear.
  10. If all else fails.. watch porn.. …JUST kidding..hahaha unless that is your cup of tea..