Broken…. You broke me

Adults everywhere as well as young people have all felt as though they have been broken by the object of their affections. You will never forget that moment when that person broke you. Even if you stay together that feeling will never go away. Now the angelic, holy than thou will tell you to forgive and forget.

But that moment when that person broke you burns in your mind and heart as much as the first kiss you shared burns on your lips.. Everytime you have an argument it becomes a weapon, everytime you get intimate it becomes a wall, everytime you smile it becomes a frown. Can we ever get passed that hurt? I am not sure the answer is as easy as that. Sometimes I think we just choose to bury it in a place so deep that we can dismiss it so it doesn’t do to much damage, for others it destructs the relationship even if they decide to stay, demolition that can’t ever be repaired, we become a different version of ourselves, one that we may not like.. and for the other percent of us.. we decide to move on.. leave.. the person that broke us..

Although that broken feeling they gave us is burned on our heart and soul forever, so is the first kiss you shared still burned on your lips.. all this even the good times that probably out weighed that broken feeling are just memories, memories that could have kept building if it wasn’t for foolish pride.. and a feeling of broken  from anyone else ,we will block with a wall of self contempt in our hearts, that even a wrecking ball or the sweetest, truest of loves will never break. That is sad..

Final thoughts from Simply Mommy:

So ask yourself, Is your broken really that broken… that you will suffer a lifetime without the one you love by your side, the both of you loving each other, separately possibly sharing children, and living with other significant others who will never have all of you.. all of your love, because you are broken and prideful. Now you are lonely as is everyone in your life..