Embarking on a new life Journey after 40: Becoming a birth Doula/breastfeeding specialist/Reflexology certified for Mom and infant.

birth doula

I became a stay at home mother a couple of months ago for many different reasons, first I wanted to see my children, I was spending more money and time on work than I was making the family by the time we paid other people for services I could be doing, I was burnt out. I have been a practicing minimalist since that time, slowly cleaning the clutter of my entire life to make room for more quiet, worthy, peace that now is in my soul and home. Since that time I have secretly been pursing a new career path that will fit my new life style. I just recently went back to work full time to help me get this off the ground.

I am happy to announce I have 3 steps left and I will become a DONA certified Birthing Doula/breastfeeding specialist/reflexology certified. It is a beautiful well-paying job, very little stress, wonderful helping bring new life into the world, yes as a nurse I have done this many times but from the medical stand point, now it is a purely supportive role in which the doula helps mom and dad/family develop a birthing plan and supports mom, dad, baby, siblings through pregnancy and postpartum days following. A Doula provide support, encouragement, relaxation, information, proving that having a doula decreases birth injury to mom and baby by 70%!! Yes that means less c sections, episotomies, forceps deliveries, and numerous other complications, we direct on everything nutrition to physical mental and spiritual well-being. We are not the doctor, we are the go to girl for mom and dad.

I am so excited to step into my new role as well as still be home with my husband and children. I am so blessed God has sent this wonderful new opportunity my direction. It fits so well into our new lifestyle. I will be starting my business probably after the first of 2016. I have candidates already in place for their first delivery with my new services. I am so thankful to my husband and children who have supported me through this, I am also thankful to the many bloggers who shone light on subjects and Ideas on how I could remain home with my family and still work. I want to thank all the educators who are making this possible for me. I am so over come with emotion how wonderful, beautiful, simple, life can be when we seek peace and simplicity, the natural way.

I will incorporate my birthing doula services with childbirth education classes 1 on 1 or as a group, postpartum belly binding, herbal oils and soaps made in my kitchen, Reflexology for mom and baby, cloth diapers and cloth diaper services washing drying charcoal inserts, ect…, breast feeding pumps and supplies, organic baby gear carriers, (baby wearing items) , and hopefully will continue to grow. So Simply Mommy is going to be in new places besides this blog. I will be having my own site within the next 8-16 weeks where you can purchase products and services online.

I am embarking on a journey with the destination unknown, I am excited and nervous. I have been a wreck since I have been trying to get through school with out letting anyone know, because I didn’t want any distractions. So walk with me on this journey for next months I will participate in my very first birth… Live simple, live free, live in peace, while freeing your space.