How to shut down a drama queen

 drama drama

dra·ma queen


  1. a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way.

OMG!! She screams and then the story begins to vomit and spew from her mouth and all the while you want to smack her you are drawing mental pictures of her face whipping against the blow. But instead you stand there as it erupts from her mouth and your are taking a  mental inventory or trying to….. Your dog broke a toenail??? omg! Your husband has ED… double OMG!, Your child has ADHD OMG… how are you handling all this… SHUT THE  UP! You poor thing….

I know no one like’s that hand move you know the talk to the hand move, but really in this case you might consider dragging it out of your bag of never f’n going to do that bag.. I mean really how much cra[ can a woman have herself into?

Or you could do it the civilized way and continue to listen, offer advice she is never going to follow, or sympathize just so she can continue to do the same thing over and over, say I told you so, or you could refer her to someone who gets paid to listen to poor me stories. Either way we all work with, have one in our friends group, or maybe it is a family member but still we are all subjected to their continuous drama. We get stuck on the hamster wheel and we then are ashamed we got wrapped up in it. 

Our husbands, boyfriends, other sane friends shaking their heads in disbelief and disappointment that yet again she some how pulled you into her crap. Well the only way to shut this drama down is to follow these rescuing steps of sanity.

1. pull out a roll of duct tape, tear off a big piece and tell her if she don’t shut the hell up your gonna shut her up!!! Do it with a crazed look on your face, maybe, just maybe she’ll get the picture. No just kidding!!!!! Don’t… do that.. even if you feel the urge

2. Smile and nod.

3. The South kiss of death: BLESS YOUR HEART!  

4. Hit her with something blunt.. Not a blunt object… ! a blunt statement. 

5, Tell her an equally as dramatic story.. topping any crap she could ever come up with…  NO don’t just kidding… 

On a more serious note, people don’t want their lives straightened out, they crave that drama, if they don’t have it what is left? A big fat nothing that’s what. They obviously have some type of disorder that you can’t cure. Please don’t try.

But if you want to keep peace don’t get involved in the drama, be quick to find something to do. If that doesn’t work extend a number to a good counselor, but do it conspicuously, slip it on her desk or lunch bag. Listen while humming the birthday song in your head while saying goodness every 5 seconds or so. 

Truth is we have to live with them, work with them, have them in our friend circle what ever the case you have to avoid the drama.. Good luck. These links may help you.. my pointers are not exactly morally acceptable…

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