I Just Joined The PTA..

pta 2 I recently joined the PTA. Up until this point

in my life I had been a working  semi crunchy mom for a lot of those years a single mother. It is unfortunate that I didn’t have much time to volunteer at my childrens schools. But now here I am with my oldest daughters nearing the ages of  19 and 17, my sons are starting or somewhere in the middle of their school career. So here I am doing this at the age of 42+.

I got my first call to volunteer one night around 9 pm. A desperate plea for help at the “spooktacular” event at our elementary school. I am so embarrassed I totally didn’t know what to say or how to respond. I responded by saying yes and I will make dirt and worm cupcakes and eyeball punch… yep I said it. So it seemed that tomorrow night would be my first PTA event.

I have to admit I am a little nervous and intimidating, my semi crunchy parenting is not exactly the norm,  the fact that anyone who knows me just bursts out laughing at the thought of me in the PTA..  I am pretty sure I should be offended by that but somehow I am not.

I have come to terms that I may not be like these other mothers or I might be just like them.. ok doubtfully but I am going to go in there and do my best , I want to be a part of Daniel and logans school years , I never got to do anything with the girls so here is my chance and Ima going to take it! . I will show my kids that even us not so perfect parents are parents too. So here I will come toting my dirt and worm cupcakes, eyeball punch  (as natural as possible recipes of course) and my semi parenting attitude with me.

It turns out it wasn’t that bad and I actually enjoyed it. I have volunteered twice since then and had a blast. It has been hard work and time consuming but the kids and I have enjoyed it so much. I will continue, even though I get the raised eye brow look from time to time with some of my crunchy mom views but that is ok, I can handle it so now I have embraced that:

I am a member of the PTA…