So You Want To Breastfeed? Check Out These Breastfeeding Basic’s

  Breast-feeding can be awkward at first. Experiment with various positions until you feel comfortable. Here are some Feeding positions with optimal latching :

The football

football hold mayo(Diagram Mayo Clinic)

You can use a breastfeeding pillow or just your arms for support. This position might be a good choice if you’re recovering from a C-section or you have large breasts.

The cross cradle hold it gives extra neck and jaw support than full term babies.

fl00096-breast-feeding-cross-cradle-hold (Diagram 1 Mayo Clinic)

The cross-cradle hold is ideal for early breast-feeding.

again this can be used , with a breastfeeding pillow or without. I recommend using a pillow so your shoulders and arms don’t tire or become sore.

Cradle Hold: (Diagram Mayo Clinic)cradle hold

again this hold ideal for early breast-feeding this too can be used , with a breastfeeding pillow or without. I recommend using a pillow so your shoulders and arms don’t tire or become sore.



Side Lying. side lyingThis hold has the least effective latch.. especially with a less vigorous eating baby. But you can still achieve an effect latch and this technique is very good for middle of the night feedings or when you are tired. **** Remember it’s important to return the baby to his or her own bed to sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS******




Just a few things Simply Mommy learned after breastfeeding four children :
1) Remember that baby needs that skin to skin so Kangaroo care is encouraged this is where baby is held skin to skin with mommy very closely as many hours a day as possible. Nursing is a perfect time for this and it promotes a more natural nursing secession.
2) Express a few drops of milk from your nipple before attempting to latch the baby. 
3) For a preemie or a finicky eater : A chin first latch (Bring your baby towards you, chin first then gently press between your baby’s shoulders with the palm of your hand that is supporting baby.)

4) Use a nipple shield if needed. Use for weak sucking reflex. 

5)You can use a U hold to support your breast, with this you can also use compression to encourage sucking especially in a sleepy baby. 


So How do you know that your baby has a good latch?

You will feel tugging but no pain, although discomfort is normal for the first few weeks.
Baby’s lower lip is rolled out.Most of the areola is in baby’s mouth, with chin touching breast with a small space between baby’s nose and breast.
If you are still having trouble breastfeeding baby, consult a breast feeding  Counselor/specialist or Lactation consultant.
*****This advice is only a helpful guide not to be substituded for medical advice that your healthcare provider or Lactation Specialist can provide. ******