Open the door


I have been toying with the idea of leaving nursing for around 5 years now. I have took on new studies for doula and completed it. After all is said and done, I kept doing soul searching and still I felt as though I just wasn’t passionate about what I was researching, learning, achieving, or doing. So I have continued to look for new career path. I today took my first non nursing interview. It was an amazingly relaxing , informative interview. I was not expecting such a positive experience on my first venture out. The second was very good as well. What was terrifying at first has proved to exactly what I was needing to give me the courage to follow through with leaving nursing.

You see after many long years in the nursing industry, I get up and dread it from the minute I get up, the whole day through, and until I close my eyes. I am just so unsatisfied with nursing now that I felt as though I was getting no where like I had hit a ceiling and couldn’t go any farther but .. that was simply not the case, I could have at anytime just moved up a degree or to another area in nursing, which I did and still was not moved still I felt I had finished my time in nursing. This is not productive or helpful to anyone. I  don’t just want  to earn a pay check, I want to feel satisfaction in what I do.

I have been called back for a second interviews . I hope everything works out in a positive way. But even if they don’t choose me, I am no longer afraid of the unknown. I am truly excited and feel enthused about working again for the first time in a long time.