The idea of homesteading is not new to me. I was raised this way… for the most part. I was raised watching my grandmother can her own food, butcher her own meat, my mother sewing our clothing, my father was a farmer who traded his skills for housing and a modest pay check. By the time I was a teenager the homesteading in my family had come to a halt. My grandfather had died he was the matriarch of our family. Everyone moved to every corner of the town and everyone slowly forgot homesteading. Except me and I continued until five years ago when I got married and my husband moved me to the city and I saw no way to homestead… which was totally inaccurate.

Now fast forward to 2016.. I am homesteading. I have recently began homesteading again. I have to admit it is kicking my butt. The minimizing that has taken place before this took almost a year to complete. Now 5 trucks smaller our household is manageable and organized making it much easier to homestead. I had to relearn and unlearn many things to integrate homesteading in and now make it an everyday way of life.

I am going to be honest the first day of canning and freezing (dramatic) just almost killed me.

I had to reach far into my memory to produce canning recipes that my head started to ache. Now I am happy to report I am getting the hang of it again and my family and I have never been happier. But I do have to say this is a process and we have by no means mastered it. So the next couple of posts are going to conspire our story of Homesteading in Louisville Ky… So join me..