Homeschooling , Homesteading and Private Duty Nursing and A Minimalist Life ..

If you have been following my blog you will notice that I am a Nurse. I have hated being a nurse for only one simple fact…. No time with my children and husband. Now that my daughters are off to college, I have started to look for alternative nursing positions  that better suit our family than that of the typical clinical setting of a hospital or Dr. Office that often come attached with a  very demanding rigid schedule. My price for working so many hours as a nurse over these last 13 years is that my daughters spent the majority of their childhood being cared for by our live in nanny. I felt at times I hardly knew them until I met matt and was able to be a stay at home mother for a couple of years.

Now fast forward…a year ago created my own little company. By the name of Daring Doula Birth and Wellness… Its  A Private Duty Nurse/Companion Care Services and Complete Doula Services (Birth Companion). It is titled in the tax world as Independent Contracting which I use a  1099 for tax purposes of reporting and paying taxes on money earned  and spent.   With this company that is thriving..A whole new world has opened for our family and my career which I felt had fizzled out14352118_1054521971334851_7500786899770776434_o. I now have the freedom of making my own hours, pay expectations, benefits packages, and housing if I choose. I now work for a family and I have a house directly beside them. That sits on a 10 acre urban farm complete with a  small private lake filled with fish, a garden in my back yard for fresh vegis, an herb garden in my sun room… Its a dream come true.. or did I say that already?

The house is up a short cobble stone sidewalk I can be back in my house in 3 minutes. You would think there is no privacy but it is very identical to having a very close neighbor . It is very business like with me and the family and I have my own separate life with no involvement with them at all unless I am at work. I work 9-5 and am able to see my kids via cam all day to supervise their studies and I can walk the 3 min. down the sidewalk any time I need to check on them and I go home an hour for lunch. I get all our housing costs paid including utilities and wifi. As well as monetary payment each week. Could this be real? It sure is I do it every day. It is a dream come true. Now I will tell you that it has taken months to smooth out the edges but now it is running pretty smoothly. The main house however is a mansion and I do primary nursing which  includes in primary nursing total care including meal prep and homemaking. Which is fine due to the fact it is just the two of them. Only one patient and their spouse.

My children love homeschool, it is a relaxed learning environment and I can be teaching via cam at the same time because of the two computer programs we use it does all the grading and lesson planning for a small tuition each month. We also use Khan Academy and other sources. This is done for 4 hours and the other 3 hours are spent free range learning and reports with biographical outlines in theatrical form last week they completed The Spanish Revolution and The effects on the economy,people and history. Both  my sons are set at a grade higher than they were in public school.

My evenings are wonderful. We can food together  freeze food…grow food and can use it as practical learning and they love it. They have a pay check system in which they learn finances and world economics  .. they are paid at their choice either by the hour at minimum wage or by the job which is based off quality instead of quanity with what you find in hourly work. They learn all practical living skills they will need to be productive well rounded adults. Not to mention we can go fishing, do internet web designing, do art and pottery, cooking classes with wonderful food that we have grown, or fish that we have caught, watch a movie, go on a field trip, ride the golf cart, use the tractor, all can be learning skills . then after the 3 hours everyone has their freedom. as well as the kids have the hours between 1 pm and 4 to do what they choose within reason.

The freedom we as a family feel is wonderful. As we continue to practice a minimalist life style as well. This may not be ideal for everyone but it is for us. I hope you will continue to follow our journey.. For more information on attaining your dream career contact me via email @ or via facebook Angelia Lewis.. or Instagram @Simplymommy_