Simply Mommy Meets Simply Mommy

I am working two jobs now. Plus I have my simply Mommy sewing business and my Ribbons and Pearls Inc. Candle business. I literally meet myself in the middle! I am so pressed for time now. Not only do I run two business’s I also do homeschooling. I am meeting myself in the middle!

How? I make lesson plans for 6 to 8 weeks.. sew 6 to 7 out fits a week and 70 candles a week… Plus work 60 hours.,, how? I have no idea. But most women do the same thing. I dont know how we do what we do. We are literally out of this world. How else would we accomplish the things we do?

I can hold on …. I know I can…. for me for them…  I can…cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-mom-goes-to-work.jpg