Home Schooling Record Keeping

I never imagined so much goes into homeschooling. I spend lots of time going over grade appropriate materials, grading, attendance records, daily tasks, just planning in general. But I love the fact that my children are learning in a safe, stress free environment learning what they need to learn . I started on this journey not sure about how well we would handle it. But it turns out we are pretty good at it.

I don’t have a lot of trouble getting them started or staying on task. They are really involved and eager to learn. I think we are getting the hang of this.. Here are some essentials for our homeschool… Excuse the handwriting but my dominant hand was crushed in a horseback riding accident… I kinda suck writing.. lol… Yes I could type but I need to feel the pen in my hand even though it looks rough. These forms cannot be copied please.. not that you would want to but just as a precaution. Just some ideas that some of you new homeschoolers could use. Hope this helps.. See how happy they are even in the morning … well the tween sits up too late… sometimes..14047360_1032093483577700_7299039481283564717_o