Being A Mommy And Wife Is Sometimes A Lonely Place To Reside…


This is my home office. When I am not at work I spend many hours here alone in this small space surrounded by my photo’s and  my nursing gear. I work outside the home but all the work inside our home to keep it running smooth .. well I spend equal or more time on that. From schedules, budgets, bill paying, scripture reading, family home evening planning, homeschool lesson planning and records, grocery lists, recipes, the list never ends.

I rarely see anyone poke their head in the door to see if I am ok, or if I need help, no one comes to say hi.. but no one thinks of all the things that go on in this room, I wonder do they think it transpires by magic? My oldest daughters are grown and have lives of their own so now it is just the boys and I and I must admit it is a lonely place to be sometimes.

So behind the scenes… the mom and the wife… the teacher… the accountant… we are all the same and we are sometimes stranded in this lonely role… with just our blog followers to listen to us complain…lol