All That I Know… All That I Want

I sit quietly at night after the house is still and dimly lit and I exhale after the long fast paced day has gone to night… and I count my blessings… I am so grateful to God and all he has given to me. If measured by man they would consider it few but as I see it I consider my blessings to be wonderful and bountiful. This is all that I know and all that I want. This small space that is my home and call it my own… these tiny humans God has trusted me to grow, teach and nurture… a man that calls me queen and a boss that depends on me to save lives as a nurse when needed and a family whom I was born to. This is all that I want… and I want all that I have. Living in the moment and want what you have … But that is just advice from me to you the things that have satisfied my soul may not satisfy yours..