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I live an extremely busy life. If I didn’t stay organized everything and everyone would fall apart. I work 60 hours a week, have a sewing business, a candle business and I home school my children. How do I do this? It sounds impossible right? I run my life on  written schedules and so does everyone else in the house. I have a daily docket that I keep on me at all times that is for my personal use. My children have a schedule on the fridge for home schedules and one in their binder for school. I have a cleaning schedule that spreads the cleaning, shopping and laundry out over  a five day span so nothing ever gets forgotten and everything stays clean and organized except the kids room and they are well….boys.

I have a budget that I use weekly as well. I plan my meals in 3 day intervals. I plan any outings even down to our bike rides in the park. I schedule time for myself and encourage everyone in the house to do the same. Once a week a sew 3 or 4 outfits that takes  6 hours and make 70 candles in 5 hours. I even schedule and plan my blogging times and subjects. It sounds very constricting but it has brought us freedom because we dont spend time finding things or heavy cleaning.

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The Oedipus complex ( So why do younger men like older women?)

The Oedipus complex: The Oedipus complex is actually based on Greek mythology and a tragic play by Socrates. The briefest explanation – when a young seeks the love of his mother – but from another woman.  Maybe he looks up to you. Maybe he appreciates your ability to nurture and the wisdom that only time can bring. Not so terrible really. It’s actually flattering to have someone look up to you. One of the best ways to learn life’s lessons is through a mentor and as you play the expert, you can enjoy the companionship of a younger man. 

Or maybe we just like playing with fire.  Carrie and Brian’s Oedipus Complex Story.

She met him one hot summer day. She needed help unloading something from her truck, her best friend had a nephew so she called him to help out. He showed up at the door in a rugged t’shirt , jeans and cowboy boots. He was an attractive witty young man. When he got done unloading the truck She offered him a cold glass of ice tea. They sat down on the porch swing and began to talk. Before it was over they were laughing and talking like old friends. That was the day it began. He kept coming over and before they knew it one night on the porch swing he leaned over, not confident on if she wanted it and he gave her a long passionate kiss. That night was incredible she recalls in her mind. She loved it, he had no expectations of her and she had none of him. This began a three month affair that was awaking her soul again. He could convince her to do anything, She changed her hair which she hadn’t done in maybe 8 years, She wore fitting clothing instead of frumpy, She got a piercing nose to be exact, she just felt alive the woman in her was a wake again. She felt so beautiful and confident. She was a little ashamed that it took this, but she was loving it. She felt as though she had been oppressed and now a new lust for life had been unleashed. This three months would completely change her life. She had just ended a 12 year marriage and  felt as though her life had ended. She didn’t know where to go from that. The fact that she was nearing 40 just added to the state state was in.  Her life was changed in the aspect that she now realized that she was still worthy of love and was desirable and  could be loved. She would now have a new confidence in herself that would stick. Was it because a younger man thought she was sexy? No it was because he allowed her to be just a woman, not a wife, mother, … just a woman who he had no expectations on but just to be with…and love. They were never in love but they were in love with  love in that moment and time.. a time she knows that neither she or him will never forget. She  see’s him from time to time and he tips his hat and smiles, she nods her head and smile. That is all they need from each other now, a memory of a sweet and wonderful time that they shared.  He became a man, and she was revived as a woman.

All fictional including characters.

This Mommy gets.. routine botox and is not ashamed….

botox I know what you are thinking.. Botox? For some mothers this is well unthinkable. I was down right tired of people telling me how tired I looked. “You look tired” “are you sick”.. No I am not sick or tired I am over 40 and have worked my ass off and have 4 kids and divorce under my belt. So I decided that I as going to give Botox a try. A friend of mine at work she always looked rested and fresh, so I ask her what she did. She whispered and said “Botox”. I was shocked I expected Botox to look like the surprized look, no way to show emotion look. So   I got it for Christmas one year and I loved that stuff. Its like face crack! I now save and save to get it at least twice a year and I am not ashamed. I was a little hesitant at first, I was nervous about injections in my face, nervous about would I have that ridiculous surprized look, would people judge me, would I feel ashamed for being so vain? Well I decided I didn’t care about all that. What mattered is that I wanted to do it, it wasn’t hurting anyone else and if it made me feel better about myself what harm is that. 

I got it and loved it. No I did not have that surprised look, people would say I looked fresh, no people didn’t know unless I shared it with them. It didn’t hurt, well maybe a little, did it make me feel better about myself? Yes I felt so good. I hate to admit it brought out the woman in me. I felt sexy, confident, just plain good. 

Am I vain? Well I wouldn’t put it that way. I think if our body is healthy, our mind is healthy, you feel younger than you look then I say if you want to do minor things to your body to improve it, I don’t necessarily think that is being vain. I think it keeps you healthier by feeling good about yourself. I save all the money for my injections by passing on other things I would have purchased for myself, also I use my birthday and christmas presents from my husband on Botox. Shopping for me is easy he buys me a gift certificate for Botox.

So don’t worry about people judging you, its none of their concern what you do with your body, it is however a concern about how you feel about your body and how you feel about what you do with it. 

So if you have ever thought about it and you just can’t decide here are some links that dive  into some of the questions you might want to know about Botox.

What do the experts say about body image and Botox use. There is evidence to support that Botox can help treat clinical depression, I said help treat not cure… Here are some links:

Local doctors using Botox to fight depression

References and Resources:

Bad Botox. What it Looks Like, How to Fix It

Practicing self love as a mother and a wife…

Source: Practicing self love as a mother and a wife…

Practicing self love as a mother and a wife…

free Practicing self love as a mother and a wife, is a hard concept to grasp and an even more daunting task when mixed with guilt. When Matt and I first married he pointed out to me on several occasions that I never thought of myself, ever… I just dismissed it because for so many years I had been a single mother and had not had the luxury of caring anything about myself because I felt if I even stopped with the task at hand and all I was juggling every ball I had in the air would fall and I would fail and I fail my kids fail. So I was overworked, hair a mess, health a mess, wardrobe a mess… (what clothes hahah), everything that defined me as a person.. an autonomous person aside from my children.. well I didn’t exist. So he demanded that I start taking care of me for a change. I was so angry at him every time he made me purchase something for me. Every time he would spend our hard-earned money on nail certificates, hair certificates, other things. Finally month after month I began to look forward to those little treats. I began to be a better mother and a wife because I was giving the best to myself so I was able to present the best of me to them. I now still wrestle with guilt each and every time I sat down in a salon chair I feel like I don’t have the time or the money to get my nails or hair done, or go to the cosmetic aisle to get cosmetics we could really use this for something else. But I have learned that I matter too and if I am not happy how can I expect to teach my children how to take care of their selves and  how to live a happy life if I can’t practice what I teach? I am a much happier person, the selfishness I thought I would be portraying if I bought things for myself  and take care of me was wrong. I was displaying a person who gives up everything for the love of another that is not the way love is supposed to be and I don’t want that for them. So by practicing self-love I am teaching my child confidence, self-love, So they can be the best person they can be for them selves and the persons whom they choose to share their lives with.  So drink  a big ole cup of self-love today and give yourself the best so you can give others the best… yes you… and guess what you deserve it.