So You Want To Breastfeed? Check Out These Breastfeeding Basic’s

  Breast-feeding can be awkward at first. Experiment with various positions until you feel comfortable. Here are some Feeding positions with optimal latching :

The football

football hold mayo(Diagram Mayo Clinic)

You can use a breastfeeding pillow or just your arms for support. This position might be a good choice if you’re recovering from a C-section or you have large breasts.

The cross cradle hold it gives extra neck and jaw support than full term babies.

fl00096-breast-feeding-cross-cradle-hold (Diagram 1 Mayo Clinic)

The cross-cradle hold is ideal for early breast-feeding.

again this can be used , with a breastfeeding pillow or without. I recommend using a pillow so your shoulders and arms don’t tire or become sore.

Cradle Hold: (Diagram Mayo Clinic)cradle hold

again this hold ideal for early breast-feeding this too can be used , with a breastfeeding pillow or without. I recommend using a pillow so your shoulders and arms don’t tire or become sore.



Side Lying. side lyingThis hold has the least effective latch.. especially with a less vigorous eating baby. But you can still achieve an effect latch and this technique is very good for middle of the night feedings or when you are tired. **** Remember it’s important to return the baby to his or her own bed to sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS******




Just a few things Simply Mommy learned after breastfeeding four children :
1) Remember that baby needs that skin to skin so Kangaroo care is encouraged this is where baby is held skin to skin with mommy very closely as many hours a day as possible. Nursing is a perfect time for this and it promotes a more natural nursing secession.
2) Express a few drops of milk from your nipple before attempting to latch the baby. 
3) For a preemie or a finicky eater : A chin first latch (Bring your baby towards you, chin first then gently press between your baby’s shoulders with the palm of your hand that is supporting baby.)

4) Use a nipple shield if needed. Use for weak sucking reflex. 

5)You can use a U hold to support your breast, with this you can also use compression to encourage sucking especially in a sleepy baby. 


So How do you know that your baby has a good latch?

You will feel tugging but no pain, although discomfort is normal for the first few weeks.
Baby’s lower lip is rolled out.Most of the areola is in baby’s mouth, with chin touching breast with a small space between baby’s nose and breast.
If you are still having trouble breastfeeding baby, consult a breast feeding  Counselor/specialist or Lactation consultant.
*****This advice is only a helpful guide not to be substituded for medical advice that your healthcare provider or Lactation Specialist can provide. ******


So you wanna natural childbirth? Lets look into it….

companionNatural child-birth, medicinal child-birth or a combination. If you want a natural childbirth I recommend getting ready for this prior to conceiving and continuing throughout your pregnancy. Childbirth is very taxing on the body, mind, marriage and bank account. So if you havent been getting ready before pregnancy you can still start now.. Here is a link to a previous article that can help you with that. Tucked inside this article are other links with plenty more information.  Here is that link:

So if you have ready let’s get started with the in’s and out’s of natural child-birth. 

Get your provider (s) :  It is a must to interview and  select a provider that genuinely shares your birthing philosophy and has participated in natural child births to back their experience up… (midwife,birthing ,  supportive obgyn.) and by selecting them as early as possible isessesential in keeping it natural. The better prepared you are the less stress and less complications. The providers are booked sometimes a leap into the future so you need to get started. 

Doula: Do you intend on hiring a  Birthing doula? Having any form of continuous physical and emotional support (other than your medical team) have been shown to make labor shorter and a more positive experience – See more at:

Get your childbirth classes,  childbirth class types are: Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, lamaze, water delivery,  Alexander Technique which is less popular..    

Breastfeeding classes scheduled now if you intend on taking them these classes fill up fast.

If you are using a birthing Doula she may be educated and to provide both  these for you . You just need to consult a Doula that you intend to use. Some doula’s are educated in yoga and reflexology for mom and infant.

Birthing plan: I recommend getting your birthing plan done early that way you can make changes through out your pregnancy as you learn of new technique’s . Your doula or mid wife can help you with this.

Select your birthing location: You can have a natural birth in the hospital, now there are birthing centers everywhere..  Or You can give birth at home. Some choose the hospital it give them an added reassurance knowing a medical team is there to respond to an emergency. Birthing centers provide a home like feeling and environment to add a peace and relaxation that may facilitate a natural birth, and there is a medical team to provide emergency treatment if necessary. 

Now let’s get that body ready… 

This is key to a natural birth. 

Nutrition: Keeping your diet as natural as possible is the best method. Choosing organic, nutritionally dense, eating 10 to 12 vegi’s a day are recommended. If you are a meat and egg eater choose : grass-fed, antibiotic free, hormone free meats are a must. Eggs and Milk need to be antibiotic free and hormone free as well. 

Supplements are very nutritionally supportive. Here are a few and remember consult with your provider before starting any supplement routine.

The prenatal vitamin: I recommend staying away from herbals during pregnancy, keeping in mind that medications are often herbal based. So I recommend a food based vitamin. I like “Baby and Me (herb free)  can be purchased at  Mega foods.

Next on the list is B complex: I like the garden of life this is where you will be getting your folate/folic acid.

In the first trimester I am in love with B6 to decrease morning sickness and believe me you can really tell it if you didn’t take it because it is likely you will wake up the next day nauseated. Now after the first trimester you can cut this one, it has already served it’s purpose.

This one you probably aren’t going to like the idea but fermented cod liver oil : The one I like is Fermented Cod liver oil Oslo orange or you can get the plain. The benefits strongly out weigh the taste.  Here is a link to the many benefits:

For digestive health: Raw Enzymes can be purchased at most health food stores. and probiotic I recommend the Healthy Trinity. Also add Magnesium citrate to facilitate waste removal. If you don’t want to take it , it comes in an oil you can use on your skin. magnesium oil.

*again check with your provider before starting any supplements*****

Exercise: ***  you guessed it…..check with your provider before starting an exercise regimen..******

Choose a program that is tailored for pregnancy. Always keeping in mind the shift in belly bump can throw you off-balance so be careful. 

Walking should be a part of your daily routine. 

Final thoughts from Simply Mommy on Natural Childbirth:

You are probably in love with the idea of natural child-birth, you planned it, you dreamed of it, it is the best for baby and mommy. But keep in mind that not every birth goes as planned , in fact most don’t. If you do encounter a problem that requires you to have a medicinal birth, you need to  let yourself grieve that loss of natural child-birth, it is perfectly natural to feel let down and hurt. 

Also keeping in mind that Full natural child-birth is only for low risk mommy’s. But even if you are at high risk you still have options and can be as natural as possible so check with your provider on what options you have regarding your pregnancy and birth.  


So you want a baby? Well preparing before you conceive is the word to the wise….

birth doula  So you think you want a baby? So let’s get you ready…

pregnancy is very taxing on the body. So a lot of preparation will make this easier for you, baby, partner and your providers during pregnancy and postpartum.

For those of you striving for a natural pregnancy and birth  you have probably  been preparing naturally for many months leading up to your real confirmation of pregnancy. You have explored the many natural methods of conceiving, diet, supplements, vitamins, products, body preparations, exercise, and possibly have a doula in place, mid wife, childbirth education classes…. and possibly a birth plan and a million other things I have not even touched base on. So where can you start if you haven’t got ready this fully?

In an ideal situation you should have started preparing your body a full  three to six months preceding pregnancy. Now there are several ways you can do this: has some really great ideas here is that link:

Natural Ways to Prepare your Body for Pregnancy

Here are some tips from me here at Simply Mommy, My knowledge base is: four previous pregnancies under my belt, 11 years of being a nurse, and now almost DONA certified Birthing Doula/breast-feeding Specialist… I have some tips that just may come in handy… 

1. Be positive! That’s right bringing positive thoughts, feelings, motion, people, things into your life makes you stronger mentally and physically.

2. Nutrition is very key even when there is a possibility in conceiving some items you can start with are:

Prenatal Vitamins now there are a multitude of different types : I highly recommend buying and taking,  Herb free because medications, tend to be Herb derived and are somewhat considered medicinal, remember you are going for as natural as possible so a good place to start is to start with a prenatal vitamin that is food based. A couple to choose from and my favorite is  Baby and Me (herb free) you can find this at mega foods.

B-Complex in the months leading into pregnancy and into the first trimester. A good one to look into is Garden of Life. (recommended by Natural Momma)

Dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach and dried legumes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils are naturally good sources of folate and your Vitamin B complex , along with your prenatal vitamins will provide you with the recommended amount.

Fermented cod liver oil Oslo Orange or plane, just for cleansing purposes and it keeps everything moving well.

Another key point in nutrition is your digestive health, Raw enzymes helps maximize motility in the digestive tract. probiotic are also recommended try Healthy Trinity it combines a couple of different probiotic.  

Lastly is Pure  Magnesium Citrate just to keep everything in the bowel moving to optimize cleansing. or you can use Magnesium oil and put it on your skin.

*Don’t start any Vitamin/herbal  regimen without first consulting your midwife, holistic provider, physician or obgyn..*******

 locally grown and produced  organic/ antibiotic free, and hormone free and gmo free and nutrient dense choices are  very key in your diet and a good habit to pass along to your children. If you are meat eater choose meats that are organic and grass fed grown/and pasteurized. Avoiding processed and sugary foods.

Water Water Water… fluids are very important always but even more so in pregnancy.

Exercise: there are a multitude of regimen’s out there and you need to start focusing on strong, legs, arms and pelvic floor this will be key in your labor and delivery. Once pregnant you will have to modify this, and remember consult with your provider before starting any exercise regimen. Yoga was a key part of my pregnancy and still is today.

Keep your beauty rituals organic and chemical free. As well as household cleansers. This will reduce the amount of chemicals  and toxins you are exposed to.

Set up a “Get ready for baby fund” it doesn’t have to be an insane amount of money, but just start getting ready for those expenses now so your arent stressing over money in your pregnancy.

Make your career / job plan now, will you work? If so when will you be going back? Will you be working from home? If you are going back who is caring for the baby? Breast feeding, you need to plan for that as well your  career post baby. This will relieve pressure once the baby comes you won’t be scrambling coming up with a plan. So the sooner you have a plan and a back up plan the sooner you will rest easier.

Housing: Is this where you will live? If not plan ahead and if possible make the move now.

Visit your primary care MD now. Let them in on your plan for pregnancy. and the dentist, gum issues can occur during pregnancy and you don’t want an unknown cavity or other dental issue to come up during pregnancy if preventable.

Choose your Midwife, obgyn, and Birthing Doula now. or at least have an idea. Some are booked  far into the future  that this can become an issue if you wait to late.

Plan an amazing get away with your partner and with your friends before you conceive.  But remember not too much fun… you have to limit your caffeine and alcohol now.

Now you are ready… well at least physically. Good Luck!